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ALMA's 46th Annual Banquet and Student Bursaries

Another summer has passed, autumn has begun, school is back in session (Covid is in remission), and finally ALMA's Annual Banquet has returned. It is time to honor the young ALMA students that have distinguished themselves at school and to celebrate their scholastic efforts, regardless of their chosen career paths.

On November 26th, at the Buffet IL GABBIANO in Lasalle, ALMA and friends reunited to celebrate their newfound liberty with a sumptuous banquet, excellent food and lively music to work their legs after two years of sacrifices. A huge thank you to all the VOLUNTEERS that worked to make the event a great success. A special mention goes to Emily Paliotti, who guided the Golf Committee to organize the Annual Golf Tournament to ensure that all players had a wonderful experience. The committee coordinated sponsors to support the Student Bursaries, and organized games played throughout the day to raise funds for the Sabrina & Camillo Foundation. A huge thank you also goes out to the Student Bursary Co-ordinators, Emilia D'Addio and Pina Giobbi, for having coordinated the Student Bursaries, not only this year, but also in 2021-2022, during the difficult times of Covid, through video-conferencing. And of course, a big thank you to our sponsors who continue to support us with their contributions!

The winners of the Student Bursaries for the 2021-2022 scholastic year were: David Marcotte, Christopher Forlini, Vladimir D’Alesio-Ziabrov, Carlo Ramadori, Giancarlo D’Alesio, Alessia Rose Giro, Mario Giobbi-Maione.

The winners of the Student Bursaries for the 2022-2023 scholastic year were: Cristiano Fazi, Alessia Polidori, Angélique Ciampini, Gabriele Polidori.

The Regione Marche once again organized the Educational Tour, and for 2022 the two delegates that represented ALMA were Adam Paliotti e Joseph Ciampini. (Joseph was not present in the photo.)

Console Generale d’Italia a Montreal dott.ssa Silvia CostantiniItaly's Consul General in Montreal dott.ssa Silvia Costantini, Pina Giobbi Student Bursary Co-ordinator, Anna Perrotti President of A.L.M.A. CANADA

Vincitori Borse di Studio 2022All bursary winners 2020-2021-2022 with Italy's Consul General in Montreal, Silvia Costantini

Fondazione Sabrina e Camillo D'Alesio
The Sabrina & Camillo Foundation. From left: Anna Perrotti, Carmela Centorame, Giancarlo D’Alesio, Antonietta D’Alesio, Emily Paliotti

Sponsor, Organizzatori, VincitoriSponsors, Organizers, Winners

First row, from left: Erminio Forlini, Paolo Bassi (Kane & Fetterly), Angélique Ciampini (2022-2023), Teresa Di Palma (Le Repos Saint Francois d'Assise), Maria Biondi (Caisse Populaire Canadienne Italienne), Alessia Polidori (2022-2023), Gabriele Polidori (2022-2023), Christopher Forlini (2021-2022), Alessia Rose Giro (2021-2022), Pina Giobbi, Student Bursary Co-ordinator with Emilia D’Addio (absent), Italy's Consul General in Montreal Silvia Costantini.

Second row, from left: Adam Paliotti (Educational Tour Le Marche 2022), Anna Perrotti (President ALMA), Carlo Ramadori (2021-2022), David Marcotte (2021-2022), Giancarlo D’Alesio (2021-2022), Mario Giobbi-Maione (2021-2022), Vladimir D’Alesio-Ziabrov (2021-2022), Cristiano Fazi (2022-2023), Emily Paliotti Responsible for the 2022 Golf Tournament and for fundraising for the Sabrina and Camillo Foundation.



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